Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a shooting?

First set up the date.

Select a package or contact me for a personalised photoshoot.

Once you agree to all conditions, the next step will be a prepayment for 30% of a shooting cost. 

How many locations are realistic for a 30min shooting?

One district of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam full of lovely places. I know places where you don’t need even to walk far. It is enough just to turn around. Expect the best photo right from the first shot.

How to prepare for the shooting?

If you have some ideas for the photos, tell me for sure.

If you have none, tell me too — we will come up with something special for you.

Send me your looks some days before the shooting.

We will decide together what will fit perfectly to the locations and shooting ideas. 

Try to sleep well the day before. A good mood is the best you can bring with you. 

What time of the day is better for my photoshot?

I love daylight, it is the most noble light in my opinion.  It’s better to shoot in the morning before 11:00 AM— more gorgeous light, fewer people near locations. Wonderful light time is after 16:00 till 21:00.

We can shoot at night, reflections of the city, cafes and sensual photos in colorful lights. Photos are looking like out the movie.

I never had a photo session and I don’t know how to pose. Is it a problem?

My main goal of being your photographer is to make you feel comfortable. There is a lot of tricks that help to relax and be spontaneous. If you will be sad, there is always a strange dance or a warm word in my pocket for you.

And, of course, if you need some help, I will guide you.
Being a muse is nice.

How many photos I will receive?

You will receive all the photos I made during the shooting+retouched photographs. Usually, my clients don’t ask me for retouch, because all photos are good from the beginning.   

Are there any requirements to dress up?


If you need my help we can choose the clothes together, but here are some tips:

  • The style of clothes depends on the shooting concept or idea, but it must be the same for all participants;
  • Basic colours and no more than three colours for all participants of the shooting;

How long will you process my photos?

It takes 5 to 9 days.

Have a question?

Don’t be shy 🙂 

Have a question?

Don’t be shy 🙂 

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